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Episode twenty two starts with Jackie trying to be sued by Taylor Swift before introducing new graduate from Slippery Rock University Carly Masiroff and Sue Caulfield, Visual Content Weaver and #suedle creator at the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine at Hofstra University. We spend some time traveling between the past and future, and land on the #SACommits e-series, which began as an idea between Sue and Kristen Abell to continue to recognize mental illness not only during May (Mental Health Awareness Month), but all year round. We talk about the stigma of mental illness and how the series has evolved to “stamp out the stigma” through contributors’ stories, some anonymous, and some not. This episode is a special episode, so we hope you enjoy it!


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james contratto & commencement weekend

IMG_5128Episode twenty one congratulates the class of 2015 with James Contratto, Associate Director of Student Activities at the University of South Alabama. James is a lover of higher education, being on five different campuses in the 10+ years he’s been involved in the field, or as a student. We chat about what it takes to hold a position in higher education, and as we’ve learned in other episodes, you can work in higher education with all types of undergraduate degrees under your belt. We also talk about running, specifically higher education and student affairs professionals who connect with #SAFit, #HealthyHigherEd, and #HigherEdRuns (which may not be the best choice of words). We also talk commencement, and how different ceremonies can be.

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jackie, lougan & an apple watch review

IMG_4600Episode twenty doesn’t have a guest because this week we decided to do an Apple Watch review. We cover everything from the physical feel of the watch to the ways to navigate, touch, swipe, and rotate through notifications. We also talk about the good and bad of notifications on the watch, and the best ways to manage them, including text message notifications and emails. Of course, we talk about the fitness aspect of the Apple Watch, with more gamification than ever before. Both Lougan and Jackie have used different third party fitness and running apps, and we even take a look at FitBit stats to compare with the Apple Watch. We close with the most important and useful feature of all; telling time.


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In other news, it’s Jackie’s birthday!  Happy Birthday, Jackie!


jeff stevens & the abc party

11212199_10106852098346801_1456870009_nEpisode nineteen is the first, and likely, only time that Jackie and Lougan are in the same place at the same time recording the podcast. We chat with Jeff Stevens, Assistant Web Managers at UF Health, who has been working in Higher Education since Jackie was eight years old. We talk about running and weight loss, which makes sense, considering Jeff’s audience at the University of Florida. Uniquely, Jeff and his team have two distinct audiences: students and their parents, like all institutions, but also patients. With this in mind, we talk about social media and knowing your audience to maximize each platform. We end the show by chatting about conferences and what a good listener might actually look like.

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