lougan & the amazing emma hawes

Back in January of 2018, Emma Hawes joined the Higher Ed Social podcast team with episode 97. This week, Lougan sat down with her to chat about how she came to be on the podcast, her unique college experience as a triplet, her love for the Parks and Recreation and other shows we’re watching. 

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lougan & jon

You might recognize our new co-host as our guest from two episodes ago where we discussed Nashville parties and the NFL Draft. Jon Blankenship serves as the director of digital media strategy for Vanderbilt University Development and Alumni Relations. The group talks tv series finales, some of which left fans disappointed. As always, our new host believes this is a show that represents the people of higher ed.

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jackie vetrano & new beginnings

They say that every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end, and in this week’s episode we say goodbye to Jackie as a co-host & producer of the show. Take a listen to hear what Jackie has been up to lately as well as her plans for the future. Click the links below to follow Jackie and be sure wish her good luck in all her future endeavors!

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big news from higher ed social

We’ve got some big news for our listeners! Take a listen to this short episode and learn about all the great things happening in 2018 for higher ed social. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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