ryan hogan, keith warburg & the purple eye

254309_974100343325_1205403_nEpisode eighteen brings back Ryan and Keith from Valdosta State University, as the conclusion to episode seventeen. We continue the conversation about using social media as a part of admissions’ strategy, specifically how it is incorporated in the recruitment process. It can be a challenge for departments, especially when using social media, to determine what is important and timely, and it’s quickly determined that there’s more than one solution. We re-visit the topic of “class of” Facebook groups, being famous on social media, and how to engage alumni with cliche Instagram photos. We also reveal the history of the Higher Ed Social Podcast, and mock Jackie for being dreadfully behind in pop culture.


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ryan hogan, keith warburg & the best bathroom

keithryan hoganEpisode seventeen features Keith Warburg, Social Media and Content Manager and Ryan Hogan, Associate Director of Admissions at Valdosta State University. The guys talk (in southern accents) about their love of southern Georgia. We talk about QR codes and how they can be bad, or so bad they might be good, which leads to a discussion about admissions websites and gathering social media content from students. When it comes to admissions, Yik Yak is seen as a potentially negative platform, but the students at Valdosta turned it around, even providing some information for incoming students.

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Ryan’s awesome QR Code profile pic
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Where in South Georgia?
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amma marfo & the ukulele

frame picEpisode sixteen is a great mix of higher ed and being social with Amma Marfo, Assistant Director of Student Activities at Emmanuel College. We discuss the food pyramid, and determine that a combo meal from Burger King hits all the necessary food groups, including vanilla. With warm weather on the horizon, we talk about the fashion of the season; a mix of boots, dresses, and everything in between, leading up to the crunch of the final weeks of the semester before summer time. In the higher ed world, we talk about student organizations, including the Ukulele Club at Emmanuel, which Jackie will likely audition for. We close by chatting about a new series found on Hulu, Resident Advisors, and balancing accuracy for good comedy as it looks at college through the Residence Life lens, something that higher ed professionals rarely encounter.

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emma daitz & the ramune bottle

IMG_4693Episode fifteen starts with a weird pop…or drop, as Lougan attempts to explain the reason for a marble in his drink. We chat with Emma Daitz, Marketing and Web Editor at Nazareth College about an interesting variety of topics, including wearable technology, social media contests, and what types of headphones to wear in all situations. We also discuss the pros and cons of an open office space, determining if it does or does not hinder productivity. We wrap up chatting with Emma about Nazareth’s accepted students day, #ExpNaz.

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erin willis & traveling to hogwarts

Erin Willis, Petra, JordanWe’re back from spring break with episode fourteen and Erin Willis, Assistant Director of Study Abroad at SUNY Fredonia. Although she landed in this position due to fate, Erin is fitting right in. We chat about traveling the world, encouraging our audience of student listeners to do the same. We also hear from Erin’s four legged friend on the topic, and meet Lougan’s offspring.

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