morgan campbell & the joy of tiktok

Morgan CampbellMorgan Campbell is only a few years out of college but already making a name for herself as a pioneer of TikTok in higher ed. She joins us this week to talk about how she built a successful presence for Indiana University and how her team plans to build on that strategy by expanding the use of vertical video on Instagram Reels and other platforms this year. We also talk about how TikTok seemed like a breath of fresh air during the pandemic at a time when it’s easy to fall victim to doom scrolling on other social media platforms.

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todd sanders & ryan morejon is on a pontoon boat

This week, we bring the amazing University of Florida social team back to the podcast. For a quick refresher, Todd Sanders is the director of digital communications & social media at UF and Ryan Morejon is UF’s social media specialist. During the episode, we chat with the UF Crew about the importance of creating community within a university content creation, as well as the UF President’s high level of engagement with their team. We also discuss audience interaction on various networks and their strategy on jumping into new networks like TikTok. 

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