lisa kelsay & the fondue-making cows

13406867_10101603780727561_782023677217273413_nWe’re back from vacation with Episode 63!  This week we talk with Lisa Kelsay, Assistant Dean of Liberal Arts and Director of Academic Arts at Moraine Valley Community College. We begin the show by chatting about our morning commutes, and the struggles of choosing to live in a bustling city, or moving closer to campus. Jackie and Lisa both studied abroad in Italy during their undergraduate years, and talk about what they loved best about the experience. Lisa shares with us “a day in the life,” which, as we all know, is different depending on the day. She explains her current work, which includes dealing with parents and giving out exciting awards to her students. When this episode was recorded, Lisa was preparing for the Espirit de She Triathalon, which she has since completed, and shaved over 17 minutes off her race time from last year!


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james contratto & commencement weekend

IMG_5128Episode twenty one congratulates the class of 2015 with James Contratto, Associate Director of Student Activities at the University of South Alabama. James is a lover of higher education, being on five different campuses in the 10+ years he’s been involved in the field, or as a student. We chat about what it takes to hold a position in higher education, and as we’ve learned in other episodes, you can work in higher education with all types of undergraduate degrees under your belt. We also talk about running, specifically higher education and student affairs professionals who connect with #SAFit, #HealthyHigherEd, and #HigherEdRuns (which may not be the best choice of words). We also talk commencement, and how different ceremonies can be.

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