robin brown & life before the internet

11880126_10152941936920706_296861288_nEpisode 34 finally features Robin Brown, Assistant to the Office of Judicial Affairs at University of California Santa Barbara, after weeks of trying to connect! We chat about Robin’s title and using the word “judicial” in a department name, and what that can mean regarding students’ perception of the
Judicial system at their institution. Of course, now that we have the internet and, more specifically, social media, we talk about how that all comes in to play for current students. We disclose some deep secrets that may still exist about us on the internet today, and chat about twentysomething problems as compared to the older than twentysomething problems we face online. Although we are not a science podcast, we have another science lesson as it relates to the current drought in California, and we wrap the episode with Jackie singing, yet again.


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