Happy New Year from Higher Ed Social! This week we’re going to share some New Years Resolutions inspired by some of our favorite episodes of 2018. Don’t worry. It’s not like we failed to find a guest this week, and it’s way more than just a recap episode. THERE ARE RESOLUTIONS!

Higher Ed Social Resolutions for 2019:

1) Find time to take mental health breaks this year
Inspired by Episode 100 with Brenda Ice

2) Discover a new passion or find something I’ve never done before
Inspired by Episode 104 with Darren Stocker and Episode 120 with Andy Shaw

3) Find a community or hobby to call your own.
Inspired by Episode 106 with Dee Goines

4) Learn something new and outside your comfort zone
Inspired by Episode 115 with Viorica Marian and Episode 143 with Christine Figgener

5) Do more Professional Development
Inspired by Our First Live Show and our post #heweb18 discussion

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