ryan hogan, keith warburg & the purple eye

254309_974100343325_1205403_nEpisode eighteen brings back Ryan and Keith from Valdosta State University, as the conclusion to episode seventeen. We continue the conversation about using social media as a part of admissions’ strategy, specifically how it is incorporated in the recruitment process. It can be a challenge for departments, especially when using social media, to determine what is important and timely, and it’s quickly determined that there’s more than one solution. We re-visit the topic of “class of” Facebook groups, being famous on social media, and how to engage alumni with cliche Instagram photos. We also reveal the history of the Higher Ed Social Podcast, and mock Jackie for being dreadfully behind in pop culture.


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dave cameron & the chocolate factory

DavesMonkeyMindEpisode eleven features another guest from Ithaca NY, Dave Cameron, Recruitment Marketing Web Content Producer at Ithaca College. We start off by chatting about getting used to the strange world of higher education, and how even though we want to be productive all the time, none of us can ever really do it. Higher Ed Eats makes a comeback, with Dave giving us some unique recipes and cooking techniques. We play another fun round of “what were you doing when,” noting that Jackie is too young to think about a time when she didn’t have an email address, and the incoming class was born right around the time of Lougan’s laser jet printer. We sum up the podcast with things that make Jackie cry, and listing the things we have to do, but maybe don’t want to do.

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michael venturiello & figuring out the future

10979489_10152645970782555_378499696_nEpisode three is all about growing up and figuring out the future. Michael Venturiello graduated from college and immediately entered the working world as an RD, but a year later switched gears, and cities. He now resides in Buffalo, New York and is slowly figuring out where exactly he wants to be. We talk about silos in higher ed, networking as a young professional, and Mike’s plans to travel abroad. We should warn you at home who are a bit squeamish that we talk about some bodily fluids, too.