jake mclean & the moldy acronym

This week we were excited to talk with Jake McLean, the assistant director of leadership development and service at Monmouth College. We start the show with a discussion of the classic 90’s Disney Movie “Smart House” from episode 138. Jake tells us about his work on the co-curricular side of things working with students through Monmouth’s various leadership programs. We then talk about Jake and Jackie’s upcoming TV show watchlists, debate what baking shows are the best and discuss the evolution of Gordon Ramsey.

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thea zunick & the feeling of not doing anything

Talk about a higher ed superhero, Thea Zunick serves as the director of student life at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. On top of that, she is an adjunct professor University of the Sciences and Montclair State University while volunteering for AFA, NASPA, and greek organizations. She talks about the platforms that online classes can use to create engagement. The group talks about how meetings can be unproductive at times. 

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marci walton & the batmobile

IMG_0120Episode 28 has an intense start with Marci Walton, Assistant Director for Academic Support and Learning Communities for Loyola University Chicago Residence Life, about why living off campus is so expensive. Although she now has to pay rent, it’s clear that her bingo winnings cover the cost. Don’t worry, we talk about the strategy of having multiple bingo cards – and yes, there is one. We also talk about what it’s like to live in Chicago (bad weather and all), and discuss Marci’s experience with four new directors in her department, while exploring a new initiative with Learning Communities on campus.


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