lacy paschal, seven cats & two babies

LacyEpisode 25 features Lacy Paschal, Director of Web Communications at Vanderbilt University, even though it takes some time to formally introduce her. In this episode, Jackie’s soul dies a little because she has nothing, at least when it comes to children (both which Lougan and Lacy have adorable ones). We talk about college sports, specifically in Nashville, and Jackie continues to learn about sports teams in the south. Lacy reveals that she is adjusting to a big switch in her department, growing from 3 to 14 members, due to a reorganization on campus. We also chat about personalized customer service, and what the best method for teaching software is.


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tiffany broadbent-beker & the pantless eagle

tiffany_broadbentbeker-300x225Episode 24 kicks off with Lougan and our guest, Tiffany Broadbent-Beker, Web Developer and Social Media Coordinator at the College of William and Mary, acting as the Higher Ed Social bartenders for the evening. We first chat about Tiffany’s experiences living near Colonial Williamsburg, as many of the actors break character on a regular basis. In her position, Tiffany monitors some of the social media accounts for the college, sharing the responsibility with other team members. We chat about this unique practice, and how much anxiety monitoring social media accounts can cause, when it’s for a large institution. This leads us down the path of welcoming incoming freshman and transfer students to campus, with orientation surprisingly jsut around the corner. Amongst other topics, spanning from which Hogwarts house is the best to WWDC predictions, Tiffany reveals Jackie’s favorite new app.


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james contratto & commencement weekend

IMG_5128Episode twenty one congratulates the class of 2015 with James Contratto, Associate Director of Student Activities at the University of South Alabama. James is a lover of higher education, being on five different campuses in the 10+ years he’s been involved in the field, or as a student. We chat about what it takes to hold a position in higher education, and as we’ve learned in other episodes, you can work in higher education with all types of undergraduate degrees under your belt. We also talk about running, specifically higher education and student affairs professionals who connect with #SAFit, #HealthyHigherEd, and #HigherEdRuns (which may not be the best choice of words). We also talk commencement, and how different ceremonies can be.

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jackie, lougan & an apple watch review

IMG_4600Episode twenty doesn’t have a guest because this week we decided to do an Apple Watch review. We cover everything from the physical feel of the watch to the ways to navigate, touch, swipe, and rotate through notifications. We also talk about the good and bad of notifications on the watch, and the best ways to manage them, including text message notifications and emails. Of course, we talk about the fitness aspect of the Apple Watch, with more gamification than ever before. Both Lougan and Jackie have used different third party fitness and running apps, and we even take a look at FitBit stats to compare with the Apple Watch. We close with the most important and useful feature of all; telling time.


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In other news, it’s Jackie’s birthday!  Happy Birthday, Jackie!


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michael fienen & the moderately priced scotch

1049127_741546932645_51770422_oEpisode thirteen starts with a pop as Michael Fienen, Senior Developer at Aquent and CTO for nuCloud, cracks into a new bottle. In this episode, we talk a lot of tech, but we talk higher ed, too. Michael used to be the one-man web team, bringing us down a long winding road of figuring out how to prioritize tasks alongside putting out fires. We also talk about the importance of face-to-face interaction, especially across departments, and how being a “translator,” or at least having one in your office, is key to collaboration. We also do a lot of tech talk, discussing UX and UI, website design fads, and skeuomorphism, a new phrase you can use to make you sound smart.

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matt herzberger & the pineapple express

1795717_10104508883977244_59625564_nEpisode eight is in NO way sponsored by anything in, around, or related to Portland, Oregon. We promise. Lougan loves it, and Matt is visiting, so we talk about it. Matt Herzberger is heading to Portland for some fun, but will also be going on a campus visit as the founder of Aligned Path, a digital marketing consulting organization. Aside from food in Portland, we chat about Matt’s decision to start his own business, what it’s like to be a vendor who does no evil, and of course…snow. We also left you a special gift in this episode. See if you can find it.

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Aligned Path: click here
Web Leaders EDU: click here
Lougan’s favorite Portland Coffee Place: click here
Lougan’s favorite Portland Ramen Shop: click here
Jackie’s shattered bumper: click here
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donna talarico & the seahorse

donnaTalarico-BeermanOMC-StaffEpisode six invites Donna Talarico, Director of Integrated Communications at Elizabethtown College, to talk about her work outside of Higher Education. Donna dreamed and founded Hippocampus Magazine, an online non-fiction magazine with content contributed by writers on a monthly basis, with its first issue going live in May 2011. Since then, Donna has worked to not only grow Hippocampus Magazine, but work to create its first-ever conference, HippoCamp. Naturally, Donna is busy; something we can all relate to. We chat with Donna about her adventure outside of Higher Education, as well as tactics to stay focused and organized when juggling multiple projects.

Here’s Hippocampus Magazine: click here
Want to help support HippoCamp? Check out Donna’s IndieGoGo Campaign: click here 
Oh, and if you’re interested in learning about seahorses, here’s a video:  click here
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