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Happy New Year! This week, Lougan and Jackie discuss our favorite episodes of 2016 and announce their plans for year 3 of the podcast.

Lougan and Jackie’s favorite episodes:

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lougan, jackie & fall 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.44.01 PM
It’s been a crazy week, so Jackie and Lougan decided to do a quick episode about what we’ve been up to. We’ve both received new job titles for the new academic year, and we’re both hard at work gearing up for the new semester. We also talk about our goals for the year, Jackie’s “reading” habits and Lougan’s favorite video game of all time Persona 4.

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we tried & it didn’t work


The internet gods have spoken. Between delayed flights and bad internet connections, we couldn’t quite get our act together this week. If you skip this episode, we won’t be offended. We’ll be back next week, promise!

Links to cool stuff:

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